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Table Paper 101

Table Paper 101

Not all table paper is created equally! We have an assortment of choices, based on your preferences.

Take a look at our Top 5 Table Papers below-

Spa Essentials Table Paper

This is our best selling, standard table paper, at a great price. This 21" W x 225'L waxing table paper is designed to be used on the treatment table to protect the bed while using waxing or sugaring products. This product was made using 100% pre-consumer waste (coffee paper trim, popsicle sticks) or post-consumer waste, saving resources from being sent to a landfill.

Spa Essentials Poly-Back Table Paper

The Poly-Back Table paper protects massage or waxing tables 21" x 125'. Because it is poly-backed it does not rip as easily as the smooth table paper. It is perforated every 18", making it easy to tear off just what you need without any waste.

Spa Essentials Waxing Table Crepe Paper

The Waxing Table Crepe Paper 21" x 125' features soft tissue facing top with an absorbent layer and is perforated.

Spa Essentials Drape Sheet

Use these disposable drape sheets for client cover-ups or for table cover-ups. They are a 2-ply tissue and tear-resistant sheet that measures.

Table Cover

Disposable 24"x330' durable, each non-woven roll is enough for 55-60 treatments. A great barrier for waxing, and provides quick and easy clean-up for body treatments.

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