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The Beauty of Sampling

The Beauty of Sampling

Are you offering samples to your clients? If not, why not? As I consumer not only do I love samples, but I use them!

Some may associate this with throwing a few packets in a bag, which will surely get thrown out. However, there are many more personal ways to offer samples. We offer an assortment of sampling jars to fit whatever product you need!

Want to make the samples even more special? Try using the Handblown Frosted Glass Jar + Spoon for your samples.

Handblown glass jar for lotions, masques, powders, and seeds. Comes with a natural cork closure and a mini spoon. Not for oils or very liquid products. Beautifully frosted for a sophisticated look and velvety feel.

They are functional, non-reactive, and are great alternatives for packing your own recipes with clay masques, powders, seeds, mixed creams, and anything else that is not super liquid. And they are made out of pure glass without any plastic and look beautiful!

For toners, serums, oils, and more try using the Handblown Frosted Glass Amphorae for a stunning sample.

Any liquid can be poured into and stored in this beautiful bottle. And you can sell these bottles along with your recipes to your customers for after and in-between treatments care. Why not make your products continue working even after your customer leaves and they also walk away with a stunning piece of art to proudly have on their counter.

Additionally, they can always bring the empty bottles back to be refilled - it makes it truly sustainable and allows you and your customer to get in touch even more!



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