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Happy, Healthy Skin - Naturally!

Happy, Healthy Skin - Naturally!

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Everyone wants healthy glowing skin, however, some people have to work harder at it than others.

The great news is there are products out there that can help with skin conditions such as acne and eczema without prescriptions or products that dry out your skin.

A great natural treatment to help give your skin that extra love and care is borage oil. Borage oil is an oil that is extracted from a wildflower plant. The oil has great anti-inflammatory properties
and it works well as an astringent.

If you have clients who suffer from acne, eczema or dry skin then you may want to try some Borage Carrier Oil .You can offer specialized facial massages using this oil or work it into your existing facial treatments.

Another amazing product you could use as part of a treatment or retail to your clients for home care is theHoney Lecithin Mask by Dr. Temt. This mask contains ingredients that are wonderfully soothing and hydrating as well as very easy to use so your clients will have no problem using them at home.

Promoting healthy skin is always a great thing and now that winter is behind us it's perfect to push healthy, happy skin!!!

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