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Add A Little Zen

Add A Little Zen

East-West Furnishings makes beautiful Oriental-inspired pieces, to compliment your space, and add a little zen! We carry everything from room dividers to lamps, furniture, decor, and more!

6 ft. Tall Bamboo Wave Screen

A remarkably practical room divider or office partition, as well as a distinctive decorative accent. Hand-crafted from lightweight and extra strong kiln dried bamboo, in a flexible interlocking "wave" style design. Bring the exceptional beauty and sustainability of finely finished bamboo to you.


  • Extra large size compared to most dividers
  • Unique, ultra-flexible interlocking "wave" design
  • Lightweight, durable, sustainable Bamboo
  • Rolls up for easy, convenient storage
  • Choose from four fine finishes

20" Rustic Jeweled Elephant Statue

A noble elephant stands at attention, bedecked in finely woven silks. Strong and imposing, yet possessing noble dignity, the elephant is truly one of nature's most beautiful and beloved animals. Whether in the court of kings or the circuses of the public, the elephant has fascinated untold multitudes throughout history in both the East and the West. This finely carved statue suggests a royal elephant from a king's menagerie. Finely carved to show every wrinkle and fold of its skin, each tassel and ornament on its dress, this resin statue will make a bold statement.

10" Porcelain Thai Buddha Head Statue

This beautiful ceramic statue features a lush turquoise glaze and an antique aesthetic. This Thai sculpture depicts the head of the Buddha, eyes closed in peaceful meditation. Connoting inner balance, contemplation, and tranquility, this statue is the perfect size for placing on display on a shelf or table. This statue will remind you to take the time to reflect during your busy day.

Emperor Gong

This Emperor Gong is inspired by traditional Asian design, intended to reflect balance, harmony, grace, and beauty, with a contemporary feel. The sounds of the Emperor Gong create a peaceful mood that encourages relaxation and reflection.


  • Melodious hanging gong wind chime
  • The exotic design combines the traditional and the modern
  • Convenient to hang and pleasing to display
  • Length - 34.5"

Whatever your style is, you can add a little zen, with these beautiful hand-picked pieces.



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