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Tips To Selling Salon Retail

Tips To Selling Salon Retail

Salon studios are so popular right now. If you have a solo business, you've likely been closed for several months and have some serious making up to do. due to Covid-19. How can you make up for that? RETAIL!

According to a recent spa study:

If a client buys 2 retail products, there's a 60% chance they will revisit.

If a client buys 1 retail product, there's a 30% chance they will revisit.

If a client buys 0 retail products, there's a 10% chance they will revisit.

Are you uncomfortable selling retail? Missing out on retail opportunities is literally taking money out of your pocket. With limitations on services, retail is the obvious answer! Need some pointers?

We offer a great selection of products to broaden your retail offerings to help make sure they revisit!

Expand Your Offerings

Your clients come back to see you, and they want to support you! Offer some extra goodies that they would buy anyway, but will be more than happy to buy from YOU!

Retailing cute masks and mini hand sanitizers are popular right now. Everyone needs them anyway!

Even if you don't offer any skincare services, offering professional-grade masks is a great seller. Try them personally and tell your clients about the experience!

Educate Your Clients

Your clients trust you, and they trust that you know more about the products you’re recommending than they do! Educating them is key!

Use Social Media

Post videos and pictures of product reviews, descriptions, even product usage. Your followers are watching, and will be interested to try themselves!

Seasonal Specials

Carrying some "point of purchase" products at checkout, ensure sales. Summer is here, build on that!

One of my favorites is the Wet Brush Mini Detanglers. These are great to throw in your beach bag in the summer and make the perfect gift.

Want pointers or more ideas? Ask us! We are here to help you find items that will IMPRESS your clients, and EXPAND your profits!



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