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Why Employee Happiness is More Tempting Than Cinnabon

Why Employee Happiness is More Tempting Than Cinnabon

Recently in a press conference, Massage Envy announced plans to release a program to enhance the health and wellness of the professional massage therapists and estheticians they employ. With over 25,000 employees, this plan has the potential for major impact in the massage industry.

Reading this got me thinking...This is amazing news for anyone who works for the massage giant, but what about everyone else?

What are you doing to help protect your employees from injury and burnout? Are you offering them perks or benefits to instill their loyalty and comfort?

Your employees are your direct link to your clients, so keeping your staff happy and healthy will directly benefit your bottom line. According to some statistics (such as this infographic, found on, companies with happy employees outperform their competition by 20%!

Keeping your employees happy is no easy task, but there are some simple changes you can make to increase happiness in your business! Could any of your equipment be upgraded to work better or make your employees' jobs simpler? Maybe it is time to put a hot towel cabi in each treatment room! Have you recently updated your decor or music selections? These small changes in the environment can have big payoffs, both for your employees and your clients! Do you offer refreshments for your employees? Even just easy access to water, tea, or coffee can help!

As business owners, we all think about how to make our clients happy. Focusing on making your employees happy, too, can provide huge payoffs for you!

What are some of your favorite, simple ways to boost employee happiness?



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