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More Than Looking Pretty, Haircuts Instill Hope

More Than Looking Pretty, Haircuts Instill Hope

One of my favorite things about working in the beauty industry is the direct impact our jobs can have on someone's life. I have spoke to so many estheticians, hair stylists, massage therapists, and more that have expressed the same idea - they do this because they love it, and because they love the difference they make for their clients!

I was recently scrolling through Facebook, scanning articles. I came across an Upworthy article, and the tag line really hit me hard. It says: "A haircut may not seem like a big deal, but for Jody's clients, its magical." What a powerful statement!

The article and accompanying video features an amazing woman named Jody Wood, the owner of Beauty in Transition. Jody and her team at Beauty in Transition has been able to bring salon services to people living in homeless shelters - giving them more than a hair cut, but a boost of confidence to take the next steps in improving their lives.

By helping people living in shelters feel better about themselves, it offers them hope as well. Hope that the next job interview will turn into a job, hope that they will be able to save some money and rent an apartment, hope they will be able to change their lives. What more can we ask for in a day's work?

Check out the video about Beauty in Transition, and fall in love with our industry all over again!



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