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Probiotics - Not Just for your Stomach!

Probiotics - Not Just for your Stomach!

I must admit, I'm definitely intrigued by the latest new health trends that pop up every once in a while, whether it be just a fad or something that truly works. With a rise in fitness and healthy being the new black, it's really no surprise! Probiotics have always been a popular health commodity specifically known for maintaining the good bacteria in your stomach.

What exactly is a probiotic? It's actually a microorganism that literally means "for life" that contains the good bacteria which helps to maintain stasis within the body. Generally speaking, when consumed, they offer a plethora of health benefits. Aside from balancing out the bad bacteria, they can help boost digestion and improve the immune system.

Did you know they're not only good for your stomach, but for healthy hair as well? They can actually help your hair grow longer and shinier, and even reduce the appearance of hair loss which can contribute to a healthier appearance. We have a great product that caters to the probiotic trend.

We just got in the Onesta Probiotic Protein Treatment here at Pure Spa Direct! It's a leave-in strengthening spray that brings probiotics to hair care, helping defend hair against damage from chemical treatments, environmental stresses, and styling practices. The cute spray bottles this treatment comes in are also great for retailing at your salon, and your health conscious clients will absolutely love them! Why not consider adding a probiotic hair treatment to your menu?.. give your salon an edge!



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