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Anti Aging....Your Hair!

Anti Aging....Your Hair!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words "anti-aging"? My brain immediately goes to skin care; more specifically my face. For me, anti aging relates to how young my skin appears and feels.

A factor that may get over looked when it comes to helping clients reach their youthful looking goals, is their hair. Some times we tend to see people with thinning or receding hair and assume they are older than they actually are. Those with thick and soft looking hair, we tend to categorize as more youthful looking. It is true however that as we age, our hair becomes drier and a more brittle and may start to thin a bit.

Most hair care products I see commercials for on television always boast how their product helps with some aspect of the root. The root (as well as the scalp!) is the heartbeat of healthy hair. I was reading an article in American Spa where the author correlates hair growth to grass don't grow grass in sand. The scalp is the soil so to speak, for hair. The scalp needs to be attended to with more than just shampoo and conditioner.

Offering an add on scalp massage to ANY of your services is a great way to add some luxury for the client; especially if you explain the importance/benefits of the service and the products you use. Not to mention the potential profits from one of my favorites!

Also, ensuring that your client's keep up with their regular hair services and as always, offer retail items to compliment your services

Here are some favorite oils used in scalp massage from some top Salon's:

ESS Argan Oil Blend for Hair
ESS Hair & Scalp Treatments
Tridoshic Conditioning Hair Oil
ESS® Pure Essential Atlas Cedarwood Oil
ESS Clary Sage Pure Essential Oil
Malibu C Scalp Wellness Kit

The great thing about all of these is you can use them in your services and retail them if you like...this way, your client's won't be scratching their head trying to figure out what to use!



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