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Questions About Intensive Colors? Read This!

Questions About Intensive Colors? Read This!

Estheticians have been jumping for joy since we started offering the Original Intensive Lash & Brow (made in Germany) tint again, but we have heard lots of questions regarding the color options.

Never fear - check out this extremely helpful color swatch image to show the differences between the available colors! You can also see this image on every Intensive item listed on!

There are 8 Intensive tint colors available, which can also be mixed to provide a wide variety of customized looks and shades, allowing you to offer a personalized service to each of your clients!

Pro Tip: The color of the mixture after you mix the color with the developer is not the color that the hair will be once it has processed. To get an idea of the final color, leave a wooden applicator in the mixture for the desired time. This trick is especially helpful when mixing custom colors!
Which Intensive shade do you use the most of?



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