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Caring for Upholstery

Caring for Upholstery

It's always been simple and effective to wipe down your beauty bed or treatment table with disinfectants. However, I am hearing horror stories, and it seems like the upholstery has never undergone this much disinfecting! Save your beauty beds and tables during the pandemic while you still can!

Living Earth Crafts has designed professional table covers for this exact reason.

Available in 2 different styles- the Sanitary Protective Professional Flat Table Cover and the Sanitary Protective Professional 2 Piece Tilt Table Cover.

Protect the life of your table and your table warmer with the Table Covers. The water and chemical-resistant Natursoft fabric with minimal stitching makes disinfection easy. Simplify your sanitation efforts
by placing this water and chemical resistant cover over the top of your table fleece and warmer. Extends the life of your table. SnugFit elastic corners fit both square and round table corners, while our double-stitched upholstery ensures strength and reliability.

We also have the Vinyl/Rubber Treatment Table Barrier available in 3 colors!

Protect your treatment tables with this great Vinyl/Rubber Table Barrier. It is designed with Vinyl/Rubber on one side and fleece on the other to secure the pad onto the table. Maintains your bed's comfort for your clients, yet eliminates worries about contamination of your treatment tables. Also works great as a wax pad to protect your sheets from wax and product spills!

Clean and Sanitize:

This barrier pad is easy to clean and sanitize. Simply spray with an appropriate disinfectant between clients and wipe clean. At end of the day, place in the washer on cold, hang to dry. Fits most standard size facial and massage tables.

If you're still looking for the right disinfectants for your business we have dozens to choose from, just click here!



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