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Your Small Business and Social Media

Your Small Business and Social Media

Are you looking to boost your social media presence? I speak to many clients who have smaller businesses and are fully booked, so they have very limited time for social media. We have some products and simple add on's that photograph really well! These items can be used for real results and can be posted on social media to boost your presence and show some services you offer. Want to see my suggestions?

Framar All Y'all Pop Up Foil Sheets are adorable and make fun and excited pictures or videos. This
limited edition with a bright rainbow design.

Offer the 24K Gold Add-On with the 24K Gold Lip Collagen Mask and 24K Gold Eye Luminous Mask. These masks target specific skin conditions and delicate areas of the eye, lip, and neck. Your clients will see a visible difference in just one application. These relaxing treatments give instant and long-term results that keep the clients coming back again and again.

For waxing, using Miss Cire's Waxicle is all the rage!

Give your wax a "glow up" while enhancing the waxing experience for waxer and client, as well as attracting new business attention on Social Media. Our Hypoallergenic Film Hard Wax Waxicle can be used with any wax/wax color without changing their performance. They are Hypoallergenic/Vegan/Fragrance-free/allergen-free and animal cruelty-free. Case of 6 Waxcicles.

How much do I need when mixing it in on the wax pot?

  • 5 Lb or smaller wax warmer - 1 Waxicle
  • 10 Lb or bigger - 2 Waxicles

Want more ideas? Just ask!



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