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"Unwind - Rewind" With Our Newest Additions!

"Unwind - Rewind" With Our Newest Additions!

BareLuxury 4-Step Complete Pedicure & Manicure is a great way to curb your treatment cost, and offer a new luxury brand of treatments to your clients!

Each Set Includes 1 each of:

  • Purifying Soak (28g/1oz.)
  • Detox Masque (20g/0.7oz.)
  • Sugar Scrub (20g/0.7oz.)
  • Massage Butter (20mL/0.7oz.)

Just a few of the amazing benefits of using these kits...


Infuses water with minerals to quickly cleanse and purify skin. Helps reduce inflammation and redness while revving circulation, bringing damaging toxins to the surface where they can be absorbed by BARELUXURY detox Masque. Your clients' aromatic journey begins with this powerful mineral infusion that soothes while helping detox and cleanse feet & hands.


Exceptionally absorbent clays help capture and remove dulling, toxic impurities that can accelerate aging while prepping skin for luxurious, refining exfoliation. Skip-the-rinse formula works while detailing nails for fast, efficient services. So effective, clients will feel it working! Exceptionally absorbent clays capture and remove dulling skin impurities.


Leaves skin soft, glowing and amazingly receptive to deep hydration. Available in two enlightened formulas: Cane Sugar for gentle refinement and Sea Salt for invigorating exfoliation. Leaves skin soft, smooth and amazingly receptive to deep hydration. Each formula is designed with a unique level of exfoliation to match the appropriate experience for your client's mood's needs.


Glide your client into total relaxation while bathing skin in ultra-protective, incredibly luxurious Shea Butter. A virtually weightless blend of nourishing oils and plant extracts leave skin soft, renewed, and ready for a dazzling Morgan Taylor finish!

Be sure to take a look at all of the new fragrances!

They are sure to relax even the most stressful clients!

Happy Selling!



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