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Vanilla "White Wax" - Ultra Flexxx by Mancine Professional

Vanilla "White Wax" - Ultra Flexxx by Mancine Professional

It's was here all the way from Australia - but it didn't last a day! Thanks to savvy spa owners and waxing professionals our Mancine Ultra Flexxx white wax sold out before the stock even was taken off the boat

The World's 1st Wax
With FleXXX Technology Just
Happens to Smell
from Australia! No worries... we have more on the way. Here at and we are OBSESSED with UltraFlexxx.

It's no wonder that busy waxing pros love this wax too. Mancine Ultra Flex is Premium grade wax formulated for exceptional results using the most advanced flex technology. Ultra Flexxx’s™ unique plastic texture makes Ultra Flexxx™ ultra-flexible, have a powerful grip, and perfect for Brazilians. The vanilla scent is very soothing and relaxing. This is our #1 selling wax for waxing salons that are booked solid for Brazilians and Bikini appointments - the love Mancine because they can wax with confidence. It is well loved by both clients and professionals.
Ultra Flexxx"White Wax"
There is nothing like it...

The texture is creamy and smooth but this low temperature wax has awesome control. It's plastic like texture lifts off hair with superior ease; it does not rip hair or damaging skin. I am so excited the Mancine Pre-Wax oil will be coming in on our next shipment! This is one of the best pre-wax depilatory oils I have ever tried... and I think I have tried just about all of them. It will be available for licensed professionals at and

Ultra Flexxx™ white wax contains titanium dioxide which makes it great for sensitive areas and reducing redness with its hypoallergenic properties.



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