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Waxing Back Up

Waxing Back Up

Body Waxing is always a popular service this time of year. Now, add in a pandemic, putting a halt to body waxing for months. Imagine if your wax warmer stopped working in the middle of a service. Do you have a backup? What would you do?

You may want to consider another warmer, just in case. Take a look at our best selling budget-friendly options:

All Metal Professional Double Wax Warmer

This attractive Premium All Metal Professional Double Wax Warmer from Italy melts wax super fast! It fits most 14-16oz. cans.


  • Fast melting wax warmer
  • Lacquer coating warms quickly and evenly
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Made in Italy

Meishida Single Waxer

A quality wax warmer that holds a single 14oz can of wax and maintains the depilatory wax at the right temperature.

It has an adjustable thermostat that makes it suitable for all types of waxes, high or low temperatures.

Dimensions: 9.3"L x 8.7"D x 7.5"H
Inside Pot Dimensions 4" in diameter, 2.5 " Deep

Starpil Pro Double Wax Warmer

Double capacity for added convenience! Heavy duty quality with all-metal construction and rapid heat feature. Work like a pro with our dual heavy-duty wax warmer. It comes with removable pots and lids. It can be used for both no strip hard wax and soft strip wax in a can. This is a quality appliance with all-metal construction.

Product Benefits:

  • Dual on and off switches
  • Dual removable wax pots
  • Dual temperature settings
  • 45°C-105°C / 113°F-221°F adjustable temperature
  • Comes with 2 wax tins total - The tins are standard size for a 16oz or 500g warmer
  • Can heat both hard wax and canned strip wax
  • 1 Kg. (35 oz.) Capacity
  • 110 volt US standards
  • 300 watts

Don't catch yourself in a bind, get your back up, and be prepared.



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