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Retail Items For Waxing Services

Retail Items For Waxing Services

Winter time is the perfect time to start waxing. If you have clients who are shaving and are interested in waxing, they can start growing out whatever area they are looking to wax. You can help these clients by having them exfoliate prior to the first wax. An Exfoliating Scrub that we recommend is this popular one by Lycon.

Our clients are calling in and telling us about this phenomenal product Ingrown Zone by Mancine. This product will get rid of all ingrown hairs whether you are waxing or shaving. Besides using it on clients after a service, you can retail this item. Your clients will be so happy to be silky smooth and bump free!

Educate your clients and they will buy more retail items from you! This not only helps the client to keep their skin perfect in between waxes, but it helps you to have an easier time waxing them and maximizes your profits.

There are many simple items you can retail to your clients such as a loofah or a tweezer. With warm weather approaching many clients want to get their skin beach ready. Time to start selling retail products to help them along!



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