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Add Some Holiday Flair To Your Work Station!

Add Some Holiday Flair To Your Work Station!

I'm sure everyone is all stocked up with all the fabulous fall products for their pumpkin and cranberry treatments which means it's time to start planning for the winter holiday season. Before we know it (at least here on the East coast), snow will be arriving.

Aside from the peppermint and spearmint products (and the tropical warming ones to make us dream of relaxing on the beach!), have you thought about adding some holiday flair to your work station?

We just added these adorable new disinfectant jars--I know, who gets excited over disinfectant jars but these are too cute! For the winter season, there are penguins! For those of you who would rather not rejoice in winter, there are less seasonal options as well.

Take a look!

Sanitizing Disinfectant Jar by William Marvy

Be sure to stock up on winter essentials like sanitizer, comfy warm robes (check out the awesome colors from M Spa!), slippers, heated mitts and booties for Eco-Fin treatments!



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