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Trending Now: Newborn Spa Services?

Trending Now: Newborn Spa Services?

Kids and spa services has been a steadily growing trend over the last few years. You can always find a few young ones getting their mani/pedi at any nail salon. My niece had her 6th birthday party at a spa for her and her friends and she regularly goes to the nail salon. Many spas now offer teen facials, pre-teen facials and other services to prime them for a life time love of the industry.

The new trend is now services for babies. Yep, you read that correctly, babies. A new spa just opened in Texas that is for babies, the first of its kind in the United States. They don't offer the typical spa services, after all, we're all trying to get our skin as soft and youthful looking as a baby! What they do is combine infant massage with water therapy.

The benefits of infant massage are similar to the what an adult experiences with some awesome additions. It helps create a strong relaxation (think restful sleeping babies!), aids in digestion, stimulates neurological development, muscle development, helps develop a sense of healthy touch and bonding among a laundry list of other benefits.

Could this be the next explosive trend in the industry?

Check them out here: Float Baby



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