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Lice, Lice Baby... Uh Oh... Warm Weather is Coming....

Lice, Lice Baby... Uh Oh... Warm Weather is Coming....

OK, I am totally grossed out even thinking about it... yes, I'm talking about head lice. Yuk! Well, if you have a hair salon, then clients with lice do come in. Sometimes they are looking for help, sometimes they don't even know it. Yuk again... trying to hold my lunch down!

Pure Spa Direct just added very inexpensive Lice Combs... might as well get a few with your next Professional order from Pure Spa Direct. It is always good to be prepared!

Here is some great Lice info from CNN:

Now for some Lice Jokes!

Q: Where do Mountain Climbing lice go?
A: The Widows Peak

Q: What is a Louse's Favorite nursery rhyme?
A: Three Blind Lice

Q: Where do head lice plan their crops?
A: In corn rows

Q: What did the head lice say when their host went to the barber?
A: There goes the neighborhood”

Q: What is the favorite hobby of head lice?
A: Nitting

Q: What did the mother louse say to her misbehaving children?
A: Don’t make me get the comb

Q: What is a Louses favorite dessert?
A: Licecream

Q: What does a Louse get when he turns 16?
A: a license

Check out the new Lice Combs here:



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