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Wig Dryer - Units to Hold 6 - 12!

Wig Dryer - Units to Hold 6 - 12!

Ever wondered how to efficiently dry multiple wigs in a busy salon, movie set or theater products? Introducing the Guardian 9 Wig Dryer - your new best friend for wig care!

This innovative dryer is designed to accommodate up to 9 mannequin heads across three tiers, making it perfect for high-volume salons and theater productions. With its adjustable shelves, you can easily customize the dryer to fit various wig sizes and styles, ensuring each wig dries perfectly every time.

The Guardian 9 Wig Dryer operates at 115 volts, 13 amps, and 60 Hz, providing powerful yet gentle drying. Its dimensions (32" W x 53" H x 13" D) and weight (95 lbs) make it a robust yet manageable addition to your salon. Need something smaller? Check out the Guardian 6 Wig Standard Pro Dryer, which can hold up to 6-8 wigs with its single adjustable shelf.

For those with even more demanding needs, the EDU Wig Dryer is a powerhouse, accommodating 12 mannequin heads on four tiers. This unit is perfect for large-scale productions or educational institutions where multiple wigs need to be dried simultaneously.

Using a wig dryer not only speeds up the drying process but also helps maintain the quality and longevity of the wigs. By avoiding prolonged exposure to moisture, the wigs stay in better shape, reducing the risk of fiber damage.

Investing in a wig dryer is a smart move for any professional salon or theater company. It ensures your wigs are always in top condition, ready for the next client or performance. Explore our full range of salon equipment and discover how Pure Spa Direct can help elevate your services.

Ready to upgrade your wig care routine? Visit Pure Spa Direct today and find the perfect wig dryer for your needs!



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