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The Stone Age

The Stone Age

We are all familiar with the hot stone massage, but not everyone is familiar with the numerous other ways stones can be incorporated into a massage. Basalt Stones are the perfect addition to any massage! The benefits that Basalt Stones will add to a massage experience are undeniable!

With multiple ways to use the Basalt Stone and countless benefits it brings to the mind and body, there is no question your clients will thank you for incorporating this inexpensive addition to their massage!

The Large Basalt Stone is most effective when direct pressure of the stone is applied to the areas where the client has a lot of dense muscle, such as the pectorals, thighs and arms, as well as high energy or high stress regions of the body. Basalt Stones are essential to the healing and stimulation of damaged or weary muscle and tissue. As a massage therapist, Basalt Stones will give you the ability to deliver a deep, penetrating warmth to the musculature of the lower back and upper sacral region, providing your clients with instant comfort and relief. For the best results, the flat of the Basalt Stone should be used for effleurage and petrissage and for deep tissue work the edges of the stone should be used.

The use of a Single Basalt Stone is not only beneficial to the body but beneficial to the mind as well! Basalt Stones are known to enhance relaxation, harmony and rejuvenation. They are said to alleviate stress and negative energy.

Basalt Stones have an amazing ability to retain heat and can be heated several different ways. My favorite is by heating the stone by running it under hot water and then wrapping it a heated towel. I also love to use my stone warmer and never do I go with out my Stone Warming Pouch, no matter how I heat my stone!



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