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Successul Hair Retail - Shower & Detangling Combs

Successul Hair Retail - Shower & Detangling Combs

Give your clients an invaluable and inexpensive tip for healthy hair. Using a wide tooth comb with conditioner in the shower can easily smooth out knots, snarls and snares better than a brush... and also with less damage and tearing of the hair. No more ripping, no more tugging, and less yanking also means more comfort for tender scalps. These combs are also excellent for distributing treatment products, oils, conditioner, mousse, & styling products to damp hair, out of the shower. In addition to a great retail product, these inexpensive combs make a great cross sell, promo or "free gift" with your Salon's professional hair care products.

Knotty Girls LOVE Shower Combs!
Wholesale Comb Shop:
Salonchic Shower Combs in 36 ct Container:
Love the assorted colors and hooked end for easy hanging! Click and See:

Easy Glide Detangeler - Individually packaged (Wholesale Cost: .79 Cents). Click and See:

My favorite: Jumbo 14" Rake Comb. Excellent for post shower comb out! Click and See:

Pure Spa Direct has hundreds of different comb styles. Check them all out here:

Excellent for GENTLE daily use on curly, fine and thick hair types. Great for kids too!



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