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Cucumber Massage Cream Gives Supreme Slip for Soles

Cucumber Massage Cream Gives Supreme Slip for Soles

For the face, neck and body!
My favorite part of a pedicure is the leg and foot massage, it is magical. After reading reviews for pedicure
Queen Helene Cucumber Massage
Cream for Pedicures
treatments on, (while looking for a pedicure spot in Manhattan), I noticed tons of comments from patrons on the quality of the leg massages they received during their pedicures. Whether they were too short, too strong, too light or totally amazing - people are talking about the precious minutes spent having their tootsies rubbed. For me, a great massage is not only about technique, it's also about the quality of the cream or oil being used. It needs to have some traits:
  • Great slip for relaxing muscles
  • Will not lose slip during the massage
  • Feels luxurious on the skin - not sticky
  • Glide and slide for effective muscle kneading
Queen Helene Cucumberhas
Superior slip that is ideal
For Deep Massage
So last week, while enjoying a glorious 20 minute massage during my pedicure, I marveled at the soothing massage cream buttering up my skin. It was slippery, smelled invigorating, and melted my tense calve muscles into mash potatoes with some Effleurage motions from the pedicurist. When I asked what she used I nearly fell our of the Pedicure Spa Chair when she whipped out a jar of Queen Helene Cucumber Massage Cream! WOW!! I was not expecting to see Queen Helene is this swanky spa charging $90 for spa pedicures. Yet it is clear why spas like this for pedis and massages; it is LUXURIOUS! Cheap AND luxurious, and nail salons and licensed massage therapists can get it here at, wholesale!



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