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How You and Biofreeze Can Conquer This Winter

How You and Biofreeze Can Conquer This Winter

I really don't want to be thinking about this, but Mother Nature decided to bring it to my attention. We had a random snow flurry here in New York over this past weekend. Before we know it, we'll be needing to shovel driveways and walkways, leading to some cranky muscles.

You want to start planting those winter massage seeds once the fall menu excitement starts to slow down. Getting your clients in for massage BEFORE they strain muscles from shoveling or sledding is key to a happier winter season. Make sure your clients are aware of the benefits of massage on their muscles and joints, and how it can help with winter pains (even from the cold weather, I know my old joints are not fans of the cold). Get them in the habit of increasing their sessions during snowy seasons to get them through pain free!

Also be sure to not only retail items like Biofreeze, but to be using them in your services. Ending a massage with Biofreeze on problem areas is a great way to keep your client feeling the benefits.



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