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Massage Tools to the Rescue

Massage Tools to the Rescue

Clients and therapists both benefit when massage tools are used in combination with technique. Massage therapists work hard, and these tools help them do their job. They are simple, effective, and extremely hygienic!

Take a look at our best sellers!

TheraTools Soapstone Sculpting Massage Tool

Save your hands!

The Soapstone Sculpting Massage Tool’s weight and design will do the work for you. Featuring identical rounded edges, this weighted tool is perfect for deep effleurage on large surface areas, such as quads, hamstrings, and gastric muscles.

Made of soapstone, this professional massage tool retains both heat and cold to provide versatility in your services.

Dimensions: 6" L x 2.5" W

Bongers Massage Tool

Pound away office tension with the flick of a wrist. Each pair of Bongers is designed with a flexible shaft and soft rubber ball for an invigorating, Shiatsu-like massage.

Ideal For
• Sore Muscles
• Headaches
• Poor Circulation
• Cellulite

They're good for breaking down muscle tension and stimulating circulation. Most everyone stores tension in their neck and shoulders and Bongers are just about always effective there.

PerfectSense thermaBliss - Lava Shells

Ease therapist wrist strain with these Lava Shells. Handcrafted of high-quality ceramic and crushed seashells, each shell is hand-painted, replicating the beautiful luster and appearance of the natural Codacia shell.

Use this shell to reduce the physical stress on the therapist during treatments. The non-porous surface allows super-fast cleaning and sanitization in under 2 minutes for quick service turnaround.

Uniform in size and thickness for easy heat management. 4 shells per pack. Dimensions: 4" x 3.5"



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