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New Hair Color For The Fall!

New Hair Color For The Fall!

Summer is almost over and the autumn months are coming. Kids are going back to school and young adults are going away to college. This is the time of the year where many of them want to show off their personal style by getting a new hair do or changing the color of their hair. Some of them will want the traditional hair colors like red, burnette, blonde or black, while others will want to go crazy with color. So why not have that available to them. Jerome Russell's Punky Colors is your solution. Let them go crazy with colors like:

Depending on the type and condition of hair the colors can last up to 40 washes. My cousin was visiting for a couple weeks from California and she said before she went back to high school she was going to get her hair done. She wanted pink streaks in her hair because it is something different. This semi-permanent hair color would be perfect for her. Nowadays, people want to stand out - so why not offer products that will stand out to your clients? Jerome Russell Punky Colors is something fun and great to offer those clients who really want to show off their personality through their hair.



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