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Got 99 Problems But Debris Isn't One!

Got 99 Problems But Debris Isn't One!

Finally a inexpensive way to keep your nail salon, dust and debris free! The Nail Dust Collector by Fantasea is compact, easy to use and exactly what your nail station has been waiting for! The air in your salon will not be the only one to notice the difference, your clients will to! They will notice the cleaner air and salon, but they will not notice what is causing it, since this compact vacuum is small and quiet!

The Nail Dust Collector by Fantasea has a built-in fan that creates a vacuum effect which collects dust and debris into a disposable dust collector bag. These easy-to-use disposable dust bags make clean up a snap! Additional dust bags are also available for purchase. Not only is the clean up easy, so is the functionality! All you have to do is flip the on/off switch to get your salon air clean and free! A 4-1/2 ft. cord and 3 disposable dust bags are included. The entire The Nail Dust Collector measures 11-1/4"L x 11"W x 4-3/4"H.

So file and drill away, and let the The Nail Dust Collector take care of the rest!



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