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Bamboozling Blowouts - "Curls Cost More"

Bamboozling Blowouts - "Curls Cost More"

I love a professional blowout, and there are busy blow dry businesses popping up all over New York. I have tried a few of the latest blow dry hot spots in our area - but my results were varied. I have yet to find a place that "nailed it" just yet.

I needed a blowout yesterday for an important meeting and I really needed to make sure I got the right look. So I called to inquire how much my regular hair stylist charged for a blowout at my salon. The receptionist said, "Blowouts are $35". My thinking was, that's the same price as the blow dry bar down the street, so I might as well have my hair blown out with my beloved hair stylist - she knows exactly what I like. Booked it.

Salons Competing with
Blow Dry Biz's, Should Know
That Curls Don't Cost
So during my blowout, my hair stylist pin curled my shoulder length hair. I didn't think much of it, that's how she styles it after all my haircuts. After the entire head is pinned and dry, she takes down the curls, shakes them out and viola - glorious locks that last all day.

At check out I am handed a ticket for $45. I handed it back and said, "I had a blowout, this is not mine." The salon receptionist furrowed her brow and said, "She used a curling iron on you, curls are $10 more." WOA! I explained that the stylists did not use a curling iron, but she pinned it - (something I did not ask for). The receptionist asked me to wait for a moment while she checked with my stylist on the matter. The receptionist returned a few uncomfortable minutes later and said, "Nope - your stylist said pin curls are an extra $10, you owe $45 today for your blowout." Now, I am at a quandary here. Clearly this is B.S.. Who do I address this matter with? I didn't ask for curls (though I like them). Do I confront my stylists? She is already with another client? Do I make my case with the busy receptionists upfront and sour my reputation at this salon as a "difficult" customer? Do I stain my relationship with my favorite stylists in 10 years by confronting her in front of her next client? I didn't have the energy to argue and I caved. I paid the extra $10, tipped her and left. Yet I was seething mad for the entire day - because this just wasn't right, and I felt like a sucker who had been taken advantage of.

Take into consideration all of the blow dry businesses popping up. Most DO NOT charge extra for styling clients' hair with curls or flat irons. It is absolutely part of the style - no matter what the length.

Either way, a petty stunt like this was in poor taste, and though I will spend $10 on almost anything, I don't appreciate it being added to my bill so boldly - and without asking.

These curls cost this salon a customer.



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