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Find Your Comfort with the NEW Xena Saddle Stool!

Find Your Comfort with the NEW Xena Saddle Stool!

As a spa technician, you probably spend a lot of time concerned over the comfort of your clients. How much thought do you put into your own comfort, though? An easy way to boost your own comfort levels (and the ability to provide even better services to your clients, by the way!) is to invest in a comfortable stool.

Pure Spa Direct just added a new ergonomic saddle stool that just might do the trick! The Xena Saddle Stool is ergonomically designed and provides a back rest for additional comfort. It features 3 adjustments, allowing you to control the height, backrest, and seat inclination - making this versatile stool comfortable for almost everyone!

If this isn't the stool for you, check out our huge selection of technician stools to find the perfect fit: /Spa-Stools-s/2260.htm



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