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Slimming and Smoothing the Body: Retail Edition!

Slimming and Smoothing the Body: Retail Edition!

I'm not the only person who stress eats, right? I know I'm not the only person overindulging in comfort foods this year. We have some awesome retail products to help your clients at home!

Arosha Cellulite Body Rescue - Remodelling Intensive Cream

Suggested Retail: $54

An intense cellulite cosmetic treatment designed to stimulate blood circulation and aid drainage. The innovative combination of the active ingredients helps in the elimination of fat, toxins, and water from the area.

This will significantly improve the elasticity of the skin giving it a smoother, firmer, texture.

Arosha Firming Body Rescue - Restructuring Intensive Cream

Suggested Retail: $46

An effective solution to help improve firmness, elasticity, texture, hydration and appearance of the skin. Its main active ingredients are collagen and elastin which aid the stimulation of fibroblast activity and the synthesis of collagen in order to help strengthen the cells in the deeper layers of the skin.

Arosha Stretch Marks Body Rescue - Restorative Action Cream

Suggested Retail: $54

An intense treatment to stimulate cell regeneration and connective tissue restructuring in order to improve skin tone and texture. Perfect for stretch marks created by pregnancy, breastfeeding, obesity, dieting, growth spurts, sports, etc.

Arosha Body Lift - Firming Body Fluid - Natural Dry-Touch Oil

Suggested Retail: $47.50

Natural complex Dog Rose based has excellent regenerative properties and is able to stimulate

hyaluronic acid and collagen production. Moisturize and give a tone appearance with Arosha Body Lift.

This oil is quickly absorbed, leaving the dermis soft and smooth. It's enriched with Chia and Monoi Tahiti to improve the appearance of firmness!

Pro Tip: Make sure you have dry brushes for retail nearby too! Dry skin brushing is a great way to exfoliate, improve circulation, combat cellulite, and more!



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