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Our Best Selling Pedi Soaks!

Our Best Selling Pedi Soaks!

Are you looking for effective products to use in your pedicures? We have so many options to match whatever your price point and performance criteria may be!

Gena Pedi Soak

Foaming anti-fungal pedicure soak to soften and cleanse feet prior to service. Start off your pedicure right by softening your client's feet. This foaming pedicure soak sanitizes with antifungals while your customer's feet are rejuvenated.

FootLogix Professional Foot Soak

Economical concentrated foot soak formula cleanses the foot and softens calluses in preparation for treatment. Contains urea and aloe vera to moisturize and prevent drying of the skin. Features a pleasant lavender aroma, and can be used as a foot soak or shower gel.

BCL Spa Pedicure Salts - Mandarin & Mango

The finest Quality Pedicure Salts! Made from the finest quality spa salts sourced from the Dead Sea, BCL Spa Pedicure Salts offer a powerful yet gentle foot soak treatment that effectively removes dead skin.

Pedi-Redi Peppermint

Pedi Redi Plus contains a sodium solution that will soften calluses and cuticles and will remove dead skin while significantly reducing scrubbing time for the pedicurist. This specially formulated product contains essential and fragrance oils, vivid colors, and three exfoliating salt ingredients. It is designed to be used in whirlpool type pedicure spas as well as small pedicure footbath types, and it includes a defoaming and de-scumming agent that allows for faster and easier cleanups between clients.



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