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Satin Kimono Kraze!

Satin Kimono Kraze!

Just in time for the warmer weather to be hitting most regions here in the United States, satin robes join the Pure Spa line up!

As much as I love thick comfy robes (like the Boca Terry line!), these satin robes from Mspa are at the top of my must have list from the just added section. Soft, lightweight and in a variety of colors... it's no wonder why these are in high demand!

These are excellent for including in your VIP packages, client's will appreciate the little extra flair. These will bring new life to your retail area as well. Make up your own VIP "Spa Wear" package with a satin robe, plush slippers and headband.

If satin isn't your thing, when was the last time you replaced your robes and wraps?



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