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2014 Uber Spa and Wellness Trend: Mindful Living and Top Trends in the Spa and Wellness Industry

2014 Uber Spa and Wellness Trend: Mindful Living and Top Trends in the Spa and Wellness Industry

2014 Means Mindful Living....According to SpaFinder's Top 10 Global Spa and Wellness Trends Forecast, that is.

Each year, SpaFinder releases their forecast for the top 10 Global Spa and Wellness Trends, and this year, there is a very specific theme woven throughout: Mindful Living. In recent years especially, a stronger focus on always acting with intention has been cropping up everywhere, and the Spa and Wellness sector is no different. According to SpaFinder, Mindful Living is defined as "The idea that every action taken should be done with intention–and, in so doing so, clear the clutter in your mind caused by the over-stimulation of today's supercharged world." The idea is that living mindfully leads to a healthier mind, less stress, and better health overall. Not a bad theme for this year!

  1. Healthy Hotels 2.0 - Why the 2.0? Because Healthy Hotels was on the 2013 list! However, this is becoming a bigger and bigger trend. Until recent years, traveling and hotels were often equated with excess and unhealthiness. Over the past few years, however, and moving forward at warp speeds, are "Healthy Hotels." And for 2014, this is expected to become an even bigger trend. Gone are the days of a hotel boasting a small "Exercise room." Now, full scale gyms, swimming pools, running trails, and more are being offered....and coming soon, hotel rooms with exercise kits available right in the room! Expect to see more and more health-related amenities in the near future.
  2. Wired Wellness - While it may seem counter-intuitive to connect the words "wired" and "wellness," hear us out. I think Apple said it best - "There's an app for that." Our society is infinitely connected, and we expect to see data matter what that data is regarding. With so many new fitness apps available, it makes sense that Wired Wellness makes the list. For business owners, using scheduling apps such as StyleSeat is another way the beauty industry has become "wired!"
  3. Hot Springs Heating Up - Just because bathing in hot springs is possibly the oldest known beauty treatment in existence doesn't mean is can't be an up-and-coming trend, too! Thermal springs are often affordable and natural wellness treatments, and as a bonus, can be social too! Since there are hot springs found literally everywhere around the globe, this is a HUGE trend that will reach worldwide!
  4. Suspending Gravity - In line with the "Mindful Living" uber trend, people everywhere are looking to disconnect from the "weight" of reality...and are often seeking ways to do this literally, by defying or suspending gravity. More and more flotation tanks, chambers, and pools are appearing at spas around the world; on the fitness front, there is a global craze for aerial and weightless yoga and other fitness classes. If a new flotation tank or anti-gravity chamber is not in your budget, never fear: try a Zero-gravity chair in your relaxation room or even in place of your current pedicure chair!
  5. Ferocious Fitness - Fitness is so similar to fashion - it is so often about what is the "it" thing, and for 2014, Ferocious Fitness is IT! There are so many facets to fitness in 2014, but one of the keys is that fitness is more social than ever before! Whether you are training for a marathon or a "fun run," the fact of the matter is, if you make fitness social, you will have better results! Humans, by nature, are competitive beings, which only fuels the ferocious fitness category.
  6. "Natural" Beauty Meets Social Media - With the explosive growth of social media and the mere existence of "selfies," we are expected to look our best 24/7. This may be the lead-in to leaving fake beauty behind, and embracing more natural beauty. This new era focuses on the nude, natural beauty looks (think Urban Decay's "Naked" line), as well as more natural beauty products. Focus your retail items on natural, chemical-free ingredients to embrace this trend!
  7. Aromatherapy: Scent with Intent - As it has become more well known that scent can play a large part in treatments for things like pain, depression, insomnia, and other physical or mental issues, as well as the increase in "Scent Marketing," used by retail locations to entice clients into returning, scheduling more appointments, or purchasing more retail products, spas have had to reevaluate their approach to aromatherapy. ScentLinq, the professional scent diffusion system, is perfect for scenting your entire spa space to embrace a warm and relaxing environment!
  8. Wellness Retreats Rise... & Urbanize - This is an exciting movement on the destination wellness and spa front - rising numbers of wellness retreats, and not only in remote areas - urban locations as well!
  9. Death & Spas: Thriving During Life's Transitions - The most common thoughts when we think of spas is getting healthy, being pampered, and looking our best. But as the baby boomer population ages, we are seeing a new trend for spas - spas moving in to help with the biggest transition of all. Spas are found all over the place now, including in hospital and assisted living facilities, and many spas are focusing more and more on the aging population.
  10. Top Ten Surprising Spa & Wellness Destinations - When you think of a spa vacation, you think of the typical places....Italy, the Caribbean, etc. But with the world being as well traveled as we are not, many spa travelers are taking a "been there, done that," approach to thinking, and are searching for more exotic destinations. Their seeking is bringing the spa industry to surprising locations around the globe!

Well, there you are, the 2014 SpaFinder Spa and Wellness trends in a nutshell. I think 2014 is going to be an exciting year for the spa industry! With such a strong focus on overall wellness, businesses and clients alike should garner excellent results. What are your thoughts on these trends?



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