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Detoxify and Break Down Fat Cells Together!

Detoxify and Break Down Fat Cells Together!

Looking to elevate your client's results? Silhouet Tone introduces a unit that gives long-lasting, immediate body contouring results!

Silhouet-Tone PR Shape Technique / Body Contouring - Detoxify the Deep Subdermal Tissues + Break Down Stubborn Fat Cells

  • Offers a treatment that has real results at an affordable price
  • Offers non-invasive solution to reduce fat cells
  • Provides effective and fast results
  • Completely natural

How it works?

The vacuum & motorized rolling massage and ultrasound technology are now working together to provide effective and fast results for body shaping, circumferential loss, and cellulite reduction.

Combined with our unique protocol, this powerful duo provides a versatile and customizable solution for all body types and can be used to resolve a wide range of aesthetic preoccupations:

Releases diet and exercise resistant fat pockets

Diminishes the appearance of cellulite

Defines the silhouette with circumferential losses

Targets thick "orange peel" dimples, love handles and saddlebags

Helps diminish the appearance of excessive bulges in the back & arms and unappealing weight carried in the abdomen.



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