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Cellulite Massage - Break Through The Lumps

Cellulite Massage - Break Through The Lumps

This is my long overdue, RAVE review of the BelleCoreHoney Belle and Baby Belle body Massagers / Body Buffers.

I am AMAZED at
The difference HoneyBelle has
Made in my shape!

I have always been a believer in deep tissue massage for stubborn areas... the only problem is that they are exhausting and difficult to perform on yourself. So when I first saw the HoneyBelle at Neiman Marcus years ago, I was intrigued and purchased the smaller sized BabyBelle to test drive.

I immediately noticed the unit helps promote circulation and that after a few days of use there was a 'smoothing' effect taking place on the surface of my thighs, backs of legs and arms. I also noticed it helped reduce my Edema after long flights and did soften up the stubborn tissue in the "saddle bag" area of my thighs where I felt like I had a build up of fluid and toxins (too many french fries and Chardonnay). The baby unit was doing a good job at toning the look of my skin, yet it wasn't until I tried the big daddy, (the HoneyBelle), that I really saw a huge difference in my lumps, bumps and curves.

Now, just like with exercise, the key to results is consistency. You're supposed to use the BelleCore Body Buffer twice a day every day for approximately 30 days - but many people see results in just the first week. I also have been using Clarins Body Shaping Cream after my HoneyBelle sessions and think it helps a ton!

Step Up Cellulite Massages
With BodyBelle
BelleCore Body Buffers are not just for cellulite, there a lots of benefits!

- Warms & Soothes Muscles Pre and Post-Training
- Exfoliates Skin To A Silky Smoothness
- Improves Circulation - Reducing Swelling, Helps Speed Recovery
- Provides A Relaxing, Deep-Tissue Massage... Anytime, Anywhere

For me, this would be an EXCELLENT add-on treatment for Day Spa services and massages. Add on a 15 to 30 minute BelleCore massage to any spa service and clients will be HOOKED! This would also be a great tool to incorporate into slimming spa treatments and lymphatic massages as well. You can even retail them their own unit for home use! There is nothing else like these units on the market that I have seen. They are excellent tools that really offer up results - and they are really comfortable to handle and easy to use.



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