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What Are the Hygiene Protocols for Salons?

What Are the Hygiene Protocols for Salons?

Maintaining strict hygiene protocols is crucial for salons to ensure the safety and satisfaction of both clients and staff. Here we outline the essential hygiene practices every salon should follow.

Sterilization and Disinfection: Tools should be sterilized using methods like autoclaves for metal tools and chemical disinfectants for others. Consider professional-grade disinfectants from our store to ensure thorough cleaning.

Disposable Items: Use disposable items such as gloves and nail files to prevent cross-contamination. Explore our range of waxing accessories for high-quality disposable options.

Chemical Safety: Handle chemicals with care, ensuring proper ventilation and PPE usage. Our spa apparel can provide additional protection for your staff.

Personal Hygiene and Client Safety: Staff should maintain excellent personal hygiene and avoid treating clients with open wounds or infections. Ensure your salon follows these guidelines with our hygienic supplies.

Regular Cleaning: Keep all areas of your salon clean with our effective cleaning agents. Make sure floors and surfaces are always spotless to avoid any risk of infection.



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