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Season Menu: A Chocolate Wrap!

Season Menu: A Chocolate Wrap!

Body treatments are seasonal, and what better treatment for this time of year, than a Chocolate body wrap!

The treatment is luxurious, relaxing, and cost-effective when using the Keyano Chocolate Mousse Mask!

The decadent, light whipped Chocolate Mousse Mask can be used in slimming/anti-cellulite or pedicure treatments.

Key Ingredients: Theobroma Cocoa, Magnesium Sulfate, Citric Acid, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide

Chocolate Mousse Body Wrap Protocols

The ultimate treat for both the mind and body. Imagine yourself totally immersed in a chocolate indulgence that actually produces a slimming effect on the body.

Derived from the Amazon, cocoa is among the most concentrated vegetable sources of energy. It provides minerals such as magnesium and zinc as well as from 1.5 to 3% of theobromine, a methylxanthine very similar to caffeine that has an effect on stimulation of lipogenesis (fat burning).

Recommended Procedure Time: 1 Hour

Items needed for treatment

Step 1: Prepare the table with a blanket, sheet, and towel.

Step 2: Pour 3 oz. of Chocolate Scrub in a treatment bowl.

Step 3: Escort the client to the treatment table and have them lye face down and cover with a towel.

Step 4: Moisten the area and begin exfoliation on the back with the Chocolate Scrub with a smooth circular motion. Have the client turn over and continue with the entire body always in the direction of the heart until the skin feels smooth. The abdomen area is applied in a clockwise circular motion. Escort the client to shower or remove with wet towels.
While the client is in the shower put a plastic sheet on the table.

Step 5: Prepare Chocolate Mask with 1 cup of Chocolate Mousse Mask and approximately 5 oz. of warm water. The mask will fizz and heat up. Mix into a smooth paste. While the client is lying face down apply warm Chocolate Mousse Mask to the back of the body. Check to see that mask is not to hot for application.
Have the client turn over and finish applying to the rest of the body. Only use one hand for application and apply as quickly as possible so the client will not become cold. If removing with wet towels use less mask in your application.

Step 6: Wrap client in plastic sheet & cover with sheet and blanket. Keep the client as warm as possible.

Step 7: Time for 20 minutes. Perform a relaxing scalp, or foot massage while the client is resting.

Step 8: Unwrap the plastic and escort the client to the shower. While the client is in the shower remove plastic leaving the sheet on the table.
If no shower is available to begin removing the mask with heated towels or diapers. If using a Vichy shower, rinse on the table. (Do not use soap)

Step 9: Escort client to the table lying face down. Apply Chocolate Butter Cream to the back, have the client turn over and then apply to the rest of the body. Have the client rest and drink plenty of water.

Sounds simply heavenly doesn't it?

Pro Tip: For a finishing touch offer a massage, using Keyano Chocolate Massage Oil!



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