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Disposable Face Rest Covers: Happy Clients, Greater Profit!

Disposable Face Rest Covers: Happy Clients, Greater Profit!

Great massage, but itchy face!
Based upon my most recent massages, there seems to be a growing trend of using terry cloth towels as face rest covers. The desired effect is to make the face rest feel more plush and comfy, however, it is actually very uncomfortable. In addition, the cost to wash the towels does not help your bottom line.

Whether you use towels on your face rests, or another washable fabric, I recommend switching to Disposable Face Rest Covers. The covers are available as either bouffant cap style, or a fitted cover, which is significantly more popular. Most are made of a latex-free, super-soft fabric that is both gentle on your clients' skin and protective of your furniture. Here are just a few of the benefits of disposable face rest covers:

Ahhhh - much better!
  1. Reduces lines and wrinkles on your client's face.
  2. Hygienic and sanitary.
  3. Protects face pad.
  4. Prevents oils and cosmetics from staining your linens.
  5. Protects your clients' faces from germs and bacteria.

Another benefit? You are not just stuck with white covers, as you can purchase black ones too!

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