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Not Just A Candle! Earthly Body Candles Work Triple Time

Not Just A Candle! Earthly Body Candles Work Triple Time

Are you in need of new candles for your spa? How about some massage oils, as well? Maybe you need to replenish your moisturizers, too. In need of all three?! I have just the product for your spa! I'm a huge fan of candles, and was excited to see that we have candles that aren't just meant for lightening and scent.

Our Earthly Body Candles TRIPLE as a candle, massage oil, and even moisturizer! That's my type of product! The best part is they come in a variety of delicious scents (Dreamsicle is my favorite)! These 100% soy based natural candles are environmentally friendly and petroleum free, as well as vegan. The best part is they last 50% longer than your traditional wax candles.

How do they work as a massage lotion and moisturizer, you ask? It's actually quite simple: A tiny spoon is included inside, and you pour the liquid that forms within the candle once it burns, into the spoon and onto your hand. While it may seen awkward to pour hot candle wax onto your body, please keep in mind that soy wax burns much cooler than paraffin wax. In fact, this soy candle with essential oils — including hemp seed oil — burns at only 2 degrees warmer than your body temperature (fun fact)!

Click here to see all of our Earthly Body Candles. They also make great retail products - I guarantee your clients will love them :)



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