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Aloe Vera: A Summer Staple

Aloe Vera: A Summer Staple

Aloe Vera may be one of the most well known super ingredients for skincare. Aloe vera gel is a natural ingredient that can improve acne, sunburns, skin irritation, and much more!

How are you incorporating Aloe Vera into your summer sessions?

For waxing, try the Lycon Aloe Vera Magic!

This strip wax is perfect for sensitive skin. Exceptional grip yet leaves skin silky smooth and comfortable.

As a skincare or post waxing add- on, try the Aloe Vera Wet Collagen Mask!

This treatment uses a variety of soothing plant extracts, vitamins, and hydrating compounds to improve circulation, increase moisture, and balance pH levels. It heals lesions, reduces inflammation, and prevents blemishes and scars.

Uses: Combination, oily, acne skin. It calms irritation and prevents scarring.

Want more ideas to introduce super ingredients to your services? Ask us- we have it all!



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