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Waxing Sensitive Skin

Waxing Sensitive Skin

I have heard people say they won't get waxed, due their sensitive skin. Waxing can be perfectly safe for your clients with sensitive skin. You can be sure of this by using a high quality wax!

Want to see our top sellers?

Epillyss Cocooning Lukewarm Wax

This wax offers a very special touch yielded in particular by the addition of sea collagen which
contains moisture, softness and re-mineralization properties due to its mineral density. Its high natural level of vitamins, proteins, mineral salts and oligo elements makes it a stimulating and tightening component.

Crystal - Hard Stripless Wax by ItalWax

Semi-transparent wax has superior elasticity. Premium level synthetic wax is intended to be used for hair removal on delicate areas (bikini, face, armpits). The wax is free of natural pine resins, therefore it never causes allergy reaction. Synthetic hard film wax Crystal has very low melting temperature is extra-flexible and doesn’t create stretchy threads.

Besame Mucho - Hypoallergenic Stripless Film Hard Wax by Miss Cire

It is made from synthetic rosins allowing an effective and clean removal for short, thin and coarse hair with no pain or irritation. Its low temperature provides an even and steady melting and contributes to customer comfort. It has a velvety texture, it dries fast for speed waxing, its great
elasticity prevents from breaking or getting brittle.

Pure Olive Oil Hard Wax by Mancine

Mancine's most popular strip wax brings you all the benefits of Olive Oil - soothing formula for sensitve areas. Formulated for use at low temperatures and soft enough to spread thinly. Strong enough to grip and remove the toughest hair leaving no sticky residue. A natural, soothing wax, perfect for sensitive skin. You can expect outstanding results every time.

Want to talk wax? Give us a call, we are happy to help you find the right fit for you!



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