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Expand Your Clients Trust in You by Offering Retail Products

Expand Your Clients Trust in You by Offering Retail Products

I've head from various businesses that they don't retail at home products.
This seems crazy to me, who doesn't want to potentially make double their money on a product? The more I thought on it, I realized it could be fear based. Business owners or technicians may fear that recommending an at home treatment may cause their clients to stop coming in for regular treatments. I understand that fear, however at home products while great, won't replace the professional expertise and services you have to offer. Having confidence in your services, your products and technicians makes a world of difference.

Offering products that compliment the services your clients see you for will build their confidence in you. It will also make them feel that you truly do care about them, not just their money. Even offering something similar to what you use in your services is a great way to hold clients over between treatments. For example, if you offer them a great anti aging mask package they can do at home, they will get amazing results; they will still be needing to see you for the full treatment (ampoules, exfoliation, microdermabrasion, extractions etc).

Here are some amazing masks your clients can use at home, experience results that will still keep them coming back to you for life.

Seaweed and Spirulina Peel Off Alginate Facial Mask / 20 Grams by Spa Needs

Elastin Eye Collagen Masque by uQ

Sedona Face & Body Mud Masque / 16 oz. by Amber Products

Crow’s Foot Eye Pads

You could even create bundles to sell that include a mask, mixing bowl and face mask brush!

Give it a try and see how it works for you!



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