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What's Trending in Salons: Olympic Nail Art - the "Gold Medal Manicure"

What's Trending in Salons: Olympic Nail Art - the "Gold Medal Manicure"

Ahhhh - multi-colored nails. Coveted by teenagers, fashionistas and hipsters all over the world! Now there is a huge Olympic themed color trend is coming in first place with creative and vibrant designs that represent Olympic sports, countries, pride and patriotism.

Gold Medal Manicures!
Clients LOVE them!

Whether your clients are asking for foil, paint, airbrush or just color combos - be prepared and creative! Check out this this YouTube tutorial from Pixie Polish.

Also CLICK HERE to scroll through the photo gallery from E! Online to see some creative nail art designs sported by the 2012 Olympic athletes. I'm LOVING this trend!

China Glaze has a huge range of useful, artful colors - Click Here.

Check out these Metallics & Foils - Click Here.

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