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Amber Steps To Brighten Up Facials!

Amber Steps To Brighten Up Facials!

Amber Products has come out with new products that will aid in the attempt to make your clients skin more lively and younger looking with their anti-aging and brightening serums both in back bar and retail sizes! We all know and are very familiar with Amber Products and now have come out with these items that will definitely have an immense effect on your clients' skin. The Anti-aging Serum comes complete with a unique blend of anti-aging ingredients.

  • Peptides-which helps produce collagen
  • Beta glucan- helps reduce wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic Acid - boosts the elasticity and hydration of the skin
      • Lipoic Acid-produces higher the energy levels of a cell, which means the skin remains more youthful

For the Brightening Serum, the Koljic Acid is mixed into this gel for the perfect level of whitening and lightening of certain marks. Its a perfect addition to your facial services. What's even better is that it produces results. Which is why they have produced a retail size. Perfect for the take home extras that will have your clients coming back again and again. Check out Pure Spa Direct for all of your Amber Product needs.



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