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AH-CHOO: Retail Edition

AH-CHOO: Retail Edition

A few months are left in 2020, and I know I am not alone in saying I can't wait to see it go! With the weather changing and cold/flu season coming this is a great chance to strategically place some retail items for your benefit!

Check out these awesome Point of Purchase items we have!

Cold & Flu Bath Bomb

Primal Elements hand-pressed bath bombs are an explosion of fun for your tub! Drop one of these
effervescent delights into a tub of bath water and watch the magic happen. Bath Bombs create a fizzing action in the water releasing fragrance and vivid colour. As the Bath Bomb dissolves, our blend of moisturizing shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil and vitamin e soften the water and leaves skin feeling soft and velvety smooth.

Scent: Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Lemon essential oils pack a powerful punch when you are under the weather and need to get over it.

Suggested Retail Price: $7.00 Each

Primal Elements Shower Steamers - BREATHE

The shower steamers release aromas to enhance your mood and promote well being. 2 Shower Steamer tablets (3 oz. each). Approximately 3-4 uses per tablet.

Scent: Eucalyptus, Lavender Tree, Tea Tree.

Suggested Retail Price: $15.00

ESS Aromatherapy Inhaler: Immune Boost

Just breathe in deeply... ahhh. Like a breath of fresh air, these portable blends offer aromatherapeutic benefits wherever needed. Clients simply inhale the benefits of essential oils and exhale their intentions for well-being. Great impulse retail item!

Suggested Retail Price: $9.50 Each

ESS Immune Boost Essential Oil Blend

Essential oils contain hundreds of bacteria-fighting and virus killing molecules. Stay healthy all year long with a blend of eucalyptus globulus, tea tree, niaouli, cajeput, ravensara, and eucalyptus radiata.

Benefits: This blend helps to stimulate the immune system with its powerful antiseptic properties.

Pair with an Ultrasonic Diffusing Mister for a great gift!

Suggested Retail Price: $17.00

White Lion Tea - Immunity (Stress Shield) Tea

A deliciously warm combination of green tea, rooibos, apple, orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, peppercorns, and cloves. Offer a cup to relax clients before they enjoy their spa services, and make it available in your retail area so they can savour it at home.

Lower the negative effects of daily stress with the protecting Stress Shield blend - a delicious, antioxidant-rich combination of green and rooibos teas alongside delectable spices.

Suggested Retail Price: $26.00

Hand Sanitizing + Surface Sanitizing Micro Mist Spray

This Micro Mist Spray Hand Sanitizer is easy and convenient. The spray allows you to spray on hands, front, and back for extra protection.

Fits perfectly in your purse!


  • 80% alcohol exceeds CDC guidelines.
  • CDC & WHO recommend Hydrogen Peroxide to be used as part of the formula.
  • Fragrance free, natural formula.
  • 2 oz.

Suggested Retail Price: $10.00



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