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Add $100,000 to your bottom line with a Tat'z Nail Printer in your Salon

Add $100,000 to your bottom line with a Tat'z Nail Printer in your Salon

The Tat's nail printer was my FAVORITE find at Cosmoprof 2013 in Las Vegas this year. This state of the art nail art printer is capable of drawing FLAWLESS patterns, colors, art and even photographs onto nails making this a fun and exciting service for clients of all ages. This high tech machine was easy to use and only took minutes to perform exquisite mini works of art. Clients can even snap their photo live on the machine and have it printed on to any nail (or all 10). Also, the unit is able to upload customer's photos via USB port, this is one of the most high tech manicure makers out there!

I checked out the design closely after the demonstration and I was FLOORED at how clearly and precisely the Tatz unit performed. The large unit can be purchased or leased for salon use and this video outlines how quickly you can receive a return on your investment! For more information on how to whoop up your nail offerings, contact Tat'Z Nails



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