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Organic Cotton Hot & Cold Packs

Organic Cotton Hot & Cold Packs

The switch to using and buying organic products is stronger than ever. More and more people are opting for organic when given the option.

Do you have an organic selection of retail items available for your clients? We just added some awesome organic cotton hot and cold therapy packs that are a great addition to your retail area. I don't know anyone- man, woman, older, younger- who doesn't at some point have the need for a hot/cold pack, or just simply wants one. The hot/cold therapy for different ailments, muscle aches and pains is an obvious benefit. I know for many people, myself included, that depending on the weather, a hot/cold pack just makes you feel good.

Take a look at the new organic cotton packs here at Pure Spa. There are available in eye packs, neck wraps and a standard size pack. Super simple to use, just pop them into the microwave or chill them in the freezer (they come with actual directions) and are filled with a relaxing blend of herbs.



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