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Skincare Superhero: Aloe!

Skincare Superhero: Aloe!

Everyone knows about the benefits of Aloe Vera, and many associate it with sunburn. It’s full of vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory compounds that provide healing relief from irritation. However, that's not where the benefits end!

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Moisturizes Dry Skin
  • Combats Acne
  • Fades Dark/Acne Spots
  • Reduces Puffiness/Dark Circles
  • Slows Signs of Aging/Wrinkles
  • Helps with Ezcema and Psoriasis
  • Natural Exfoliator
  • Treats Cold Sore

Take a look at some fan favorites with Aloe!

Aloe Vera Soothing Soft Mask

Uses: Post-treatment, combination, sensitive skin: Prevents scarring, heals, and diffuses redness.

This mask boosts skin resistance to irritants, offering a calming and soothing effect. Aloe Vera encourages cell regeneration by providing essential amino acids, mineral salts, vitamins A, E, and B, and polysaccharides, all essential elements for healthy and youthful skin. It heals lesions, reduces inflammation, and prevents blemishes and scars.

Aloe Green Strip Wax By Mancine

An odorless, hygienic wax made from all-natural ingredients and ultra-refined resins. Chlorophyll enriched to remove the hair shaft and bulb, whilst promoting deep cellular regeneration. Spreads easily and is extremely economical!

Dr. Temt Aloe Vera Ampoule

Ampoules provide immediate and noticeable results with pure active ingredients. Always apply ampoule contents right after opening and right before applying the mask.

For normal, sensitive, dry, and mature skin, as well as sun-damaged and irritated skin.

OPI Polish Remover with Aloe Vera

Mild acetone formula moisturizes with aloe vera while removing all traces of nail lacquer without streaking or staining. Press a saturated Expert Touch Nail Wipe on the nail for a few seconds to soften the nail lacquer, and wipe clean.



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