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Top Hair Processors!

Top Hair Processors!

Interested in a hair processor or ready to upgrade an older one? We have some great options for you!

Improve your bottom line with any of these options! Why? When using a hair processor you will have a higher chair-turnover rate and less real estate dedicated to clients sitting and waiting for treatments to process. More time, more clients, more revenue!

Lumashine Infrared Color Hair Processor by Paragon

Infrared technology penetrates hair follicles and dries hair from the inside out. Hair is dried faster and with less damage, leaving it smooth and manageable. The ozone function helps bond dyes and molecules to hair to help protect and condition hair by “locking in” dye for a more vibrant long-lasting color.

Increase color predictability! Using an infrared heat source results in consistent absorption and
retention, that produces more vibrant and predictable results. And because the hair cuticle is opened from the inside out, it naturally returns to equilibrium state during the cool-down period. And without harsh chemical residue, the color is better locked-in; creating a more intense shine and constant shade vibrancy.

Also available in a wall-mounted version!

Dir Hair Processor Chale II

Free Standing Hair Processor Chale features the infrared temperature test module, testing the temperature of hair instantly and precisely without damaging hair. It ensures you to deliver different treatments to meet your customer's needs with Variable heat and timer, free stand and adjustable height.

Also available in a Wall Mounted version!



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