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Must Have Products: Eye Care

Must Have Products: Eye Care

Alchimie Forever combines 20+ years of clinical experience with the most potent antioxidants. Their formulations are certified through third-party testing and substantiated through biomedical research and clinical studies.

Alchimie Forever delivers visible results for calm, healthy, youthful skin.

My top pick to hide those dark circles is the Tightening Eye Contour Gel.

This eye contour gel penetrates instantly to reduce puffiness and firm the eye contour area. Organic apple extract minimizes the look of fatigue and protects from the effects of environmental stress. Alchemilla, a powerful astringent, minimizes under-eye bags and brightens the skin. Natural antioxidants combine to minimize the look of fatigue and dark under-eye circles.

Clinically proven to be highly concentrated in antioxidants. Suitable for all skin types. Formulated in Switzerland.



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